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R+D Commitment

Since it was founded, the PronoKal Group® has aspired to be at the forefront of multidisciplinary treatments designed to improve the health of our patients. As a result, research and development has always been a core activity and one that provides the basis for all of our methods, products and services. R&D underpins new treatment methods and the expansion of our product range and drives the development of the high quality natural products we use in all our protocols and of new services for our patients.

However, our research also goes a step further in that it not only focuses on development but also on science; we are committed to testing the effectiveness, safety and quality of all our treatment methods. At present, we have more than 25 scientific studies underway, many of which have published results in prestigious medical journals.

Our commitment to R+D is a commitment to efficacy, safety and excellence.

Commitment to efficacy

We carry out research so that the treatments and products we offer will meet your specific health needs. We promise to always offer methods, products and services of proven efficacy, based on scientific evidence, which will always comply with local and international regulations.

Commitment to Safety

Our commitment to safety takes concrete form in two ways. Firstly, it means that our products are made using high-quality raw materials from natural sources and that we use a rigorous traceability process that allows constant monitoring throughout the entire production chain. Secondly, it means that our treatments are designed, prescribed and applied by doctors and specialised health professionalsas we believe this is the only method that can guarantee the safety of all of our patients.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every department of our company. Excellence is so important to us that we have created a department specifically to guarantee the excellence of our operation. The mission of the Department of Excellence is to ensure that we achieve excellence in all our endeavours: the correct application of our method, the sales of our products, the ongoing training of all those who work with us, and the guarantee of high-quality raw materials in all the countries where we work.