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Multidisciplinary Methodology

The key to the success of the PronoKal Group® method lies in the use of a unique multidisciplinary approach. Whichever programme you choose, you will be accompanied throughout your treatment by a team of health care professionals from four disciplines: medicine, nutritional science, physical activity, and coaching (psycho-emotional support). We say that our methodology is unique because in all the countries where we work we offer services based on those four disciplines and because all the nutritionists who work with our clients are also trained health coaches. They are skilled in all the most effective techniques for guiding you appropriately during your treatment and for supporting you when you most need it.

The PronoKal Group® Prescribing Doctor

The PronoKal Group® prescribing doctor manages your treatment with the help of a team of health professionals. Your doctor will work with you to define your goals and create a personalised treatment plan adapted to your specific needs. It is the doctor who decides when you will move on to the next step of the programme and who prescribes a physical activity programme for you at each stage of your treatment.

The doctor also plays a key role in motivating you to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

The PronoKal Group® Nutritionist Team

Throughout your treatment, you will have at your disposal a team of specialised nutritionists who will advise you and guide you personally in the application of the PronoKal Group® methods.Your nutritionist will review your dietary guidelines, answer any questions you may have about diet and nutrition and help you to adapt the diet you have been prescribed to your personal tastes, needs and preferences.

The team of nutritionists will also help you to develop new eating habits, which you will integrate into your daily life from the start of the treatment.
These specialised professionals are also are trained coaches who can provide you with psychological and emotional support at all times.


PronoKal Group® Physical Activity Trainers

The physical activity trainers draw up exercise plans appropriate to each programme and each phase of treatment. They will also help you to implement your physical activity plan, working with you to decide which exercises you should do, how to do them, and to establish the intensity and frequency of your exercise routine at different stages.

The trainer’s ultimate goal is to integrate physical activity into your daily routine as part of your healthy living habits, thereby increasing your chances of controlling your weight successfully and adopting good dietary habits. 

PronoKal Group® Coaching Specialists

Our specialist health coaches will connect with your potential; they can identify internal resistance and mental or emotional blocks and help you to overcome any such obstacles so that you can reach you goals.When you start a PronoKal Group® programme, you are making a positive change in your life and this, like any other change, can be hindered by resistance and blocks.The important thing is to be aware of these obstacles, to identify them, and to overcome them.