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Ketogenic diet under a medical protocol | PronoKal Group

Our ketogenic diet, followed under the supervision of the team of health professionals who work with the PronoKal Group® and in accordance with a medical protocol, is a weight loss method designed to ensure that the weight you lose is fat rather than muscle. The diet guarantees an adequate supply of proteins while minimising carbohydrate and fat intake. This combination obliges your body to draw on accumulated fat reserves as an energy source. The diet triggers a process known as ketosis, a naturally occurring metabolic process that occurs automatically when we reduce our intake of fat and carbohydrates.

The ketogenic diet is also used to treat several other diseases, including diabetes, cancer and epilepsy. It should never be confused with ketoacidosis, a dangerous condition that affects diabetic patients who lack insulin.

How does it work?

In the PronoKal Group® method, the ketogenic diet is used during the initial stage of the medically-supervised treatment. When you follow a ketogenic diet, your body enters a state of ketosis triggered by the low intake of carbohydrates (sugars). When this happens it starts to draw directly on accumulated fat reserves as a source of fuel. When in ketosis, your body produces ketone bodies, which it then uses as its main source of energy. This metabolic switch produces a stimulating effect that generates a sense of well-being and vitality.

The ketogenic diet for weight loss

Traditionally, efforts have been made to combat obesity and overweight with low-calorie diets, which often do not work well and lead to demotivation. Moreover, studies have shown that in people who follow low-calorie diets, some 25% of the weight lost comes from muscle mass*. With the ketogenic diet developed by PronoKal Group®, weight is lost almost exclusively at the expense of body fat. For all of these reasons, we are confident when we say that our programme achieves quality weight loss, making it easier for you to maintain in the long term the healthy weight you achieve with this method.

In addition to medical supervision, our method also involves a vital period of readjustment during which your metabolism gradually becomes accustomed once again to dealing with carbohydrates and calories. Our focus is on establishing health eating habits and changing old habits to minimise the risk of future weight gain.