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The key to the success of the PnK® Method is its unique multidisciplinary methodology, which is based on the work of a team of health professionals who will accompany you throughout the treatment to guide you towards your goal. After you complete the programme, the team will continue to offer you assistance for 2 years.

Prescribing Doctor

The doctor is the person in charge of your treatment. He or she will be there, with the help of the team of health professionals, to motivate you throughout the entire process. After assessing your condition, the doctor will determine your excess weight, set weight loss goals and draw up dietary guidelines. Your doctor is also the person who decides when you should move from one step of the programme to the next. With the help of the physical trainers, the doctor creates a personalised exercise regime for each patient and for each step of the programme. Your prescribing doctor will help you stay motivated throughout the treatment and to deal with any difficulties that may arise.


This expert team will advise you and guide you in the application of the method, review your dietary guidelines, answer any questions your may have about nutrition, and adapt the diet to your tastes and needs. The nutritionist-coaches are also responsible for instructing and educating patients on how to acquire and consolidate new lifestyle habits. Coaches also provide psychological and emotional support throughout the entire process.

Physical activity experts

The goal of these professional trainers is to make physical activity a habit in your new healthy lifestyle. The trainers work with the doctor and the patient to define the type, intensity and schedule of the physical exercise regime. The amount of exercise and the frequency of these activities must increase over time as you progress through the programme

Coaching specialists

In addition to having your own Motivating Doctor, you will also be assisted by the team of professional nutritionist-coaches, who will use coaching techniques to motivate you from the very start of treatment. The motivational work carried out by your doctor and the nutritionist is reinforced by coaching specialists. Our expert coaching team has designed a number of tools and techniques that you will  use throughout the treatment to develop the skills you need to overcome any difficulty or obstacle preventing you from making progress.

In 2016, the Spanish Association of Neurolinguistic Programming (AEPNL) awarded the neurolinguistic programming (NLP) component of the PnK® Method the First Quality Guarantee in Spain for an innovative professional programme based on the practical and professional application of NLP tools and techniques.

You can contact the multidisciplinary team in person or by telephone. You can also get help 24 hours a day from PnK® Club online, a website for the exclusive use of our patients.

At the Club, you will find advice, recipes, exercises, guidelines and can access all the help provided by the multidisciplinary team of health professionalseverything you need to know to apply the PnK® Method effectively and without inconvenience.