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The PnK® Method uses a complete range of protein-based products made with ProteinDHA® designed to suit a wide spectrum of needs and tastes.

ProteinDHA® is an exclusive, patented formula containing High Biological Value Protein and DHA in the appropriate proportions. The formula was developed by the R&D department of the PronoKal Group®.

All the products in the PnK® Method range are made with natural sources of protein, such as egg, soy and milk. Each item contains 15 g of protein and they are all produced in accordance with the high quality standards and protocols of excellence established by the PronoKal Group®. All the products in the range contain DHA, which, in addition to other benefits, serves to:

  • Facilitate quality weight loss
  • Resolve lipoinflammation
  • Help prevent renewed weight gain
  • Reduce cardiovascular risk

The product range is divided into several groups, which offer a variety of textures, consistencies and appetizing flavours. All the products have the optimum nutritional characteristics for weight loss and the control of lipoinflammation. The range includes omelettes, soups, desserts, drinks, yoghurts and other ready-to-eat products.

*Remember that if you are not sure about which products to choose, your nutritionist-coach can advise you and will take into account your personal needs and tastes and the step of the programme.

PnK® products can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription.

You must also take the supplements prescribed by your doctor to ensure the correct application of the treatment and avoid possible dietary deficiencies.


Important information regarding returns of PnK® products

  • Boxes returned must contain ALL the original contents and be in perfect condition.
  • The maximum time limit for returning products is 1 month from the date of purchase.
  • The cost of the return, if any, will be borne by the buyer.