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Lipoinflammation and DHA

 In order to talk about lipoinflammation and DHA, we must first explain a little more about the health effects of excess weight and obesity. Both overweight and obesity are chronic diseases caused by the accumulation of excess fat, and the health consequences are serious in both cases.

Lipoinflammation is the result of the increase in body fat, which triggers an inflammatory process at the cellular level that results in a chronic inflammatory state in people who are overweight or obese. This chronic inflammation favours additional weight gain and a tendency to regain weight after completing a diet.

Lipoinflammation sets off a chain reaction that has three significant consequences:

  • Increased fat
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased inflammation


Therefore, it is essential to resolve lipoinflammation, thereby preventing the following effects:

  • Regaining the weight lost
  • Increasing cardiovascular risk 

All PnK® Method products are based on an exclusive patented formula called ProteinDHA®, which combines the appropriate amount of high quality proteins from natural sources with high bioavailability DHA.

DHA is an essential fatty acid belonging to the Omega-3 family. As well as having important health benefits (lowering cardiovascular risk, aiding brain function, and improving skin condition, etc.), it also plays a key role in eliminating lipoinflammation. The PnK Lipoinflammation study published in the scientific journal Endocrine provides clear evidence of this link.

To manage and resolve the inflammatory processes that favour progressive weight gain, the new PnK® Method reduces the tendency to increase fat deposits and helps to re-establish a normal appetite. As a result, it effectively helps you to avoid regaining weight over time.