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The PronoKal Group Foundation

Obesity and Malnutrition, a Dual Threat

Today we live in a world threatened by a dual paradox: malnutrition and hunger vs. overweight and obesity.

In the 21st century, despite great social advances, hunger and malnutrition are still having devastating effects on a large part of the world’s population, damaging the physical and mental development of those affected and leading, in some cases, to early death.

At the same time, the prevalence of overweight and obesity continues to increase worldwide. Studies have shown that excess weight is directly related to a number of dangerous medical conditions, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and that it seriously endangers the health of overweight and obese individuals.

The great problem is that, although solutions exist, both malnutrition and overweight are very difficult to treat in places where resources are limited or health systems are overburdened.

The PronoKal Group® Foundation

The PronoKal Group® Foundation was created in 2010 as a response to the complex scenario worldwide related to malnutrition and excess weight. The aim of the organisation is to contribute solutions by working to improve the nutrition, health and well-being of people all over the world and by helping them to achieve a better quality of life.

The campaigns and programmes implemented by the PronoKal Group® Foundation have two principal aims: on the one hand, to combat malnutrition and underdevelopment and, on the other, to tackle the problems of excess weight and poor eating habits. If you are interested in collaborating with this mission, we encourage you to visit the Foundation’s web site, where you will find all the information on our projects and ways to contact the teams in charge of this work.

Any idea or modest contribution represents a great step towards improving the situation of many people in the world who are living in poor conditions.

The PronoKal Group® Foundation