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The PronoKal Group® is a health company committed to integrating its environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into its commercial operations, production processes and relationships with stakeholders, including employees, patients, service providers and suppliers.

So just how do these principle translate to actual decisions within our policies? Firstly, PronoKal Group® operates at all times in accordance with the national and international legislation regulating the markets in every country where the company has a subsidiary. Furthermore, all its operations are underpinned by an ethical approach and all its achievements are based on scientific research and the rigorous work of experts in their field. The treatments, products and services provided by the Group meet the highest standards of quality and excellence, and their development and application is always driven by the aim of enhancing the health and well-being of those who put their faith in our methods.



  1. We implement the energy efficiency programme specified by current legislation.

  2. We have a responsible environmental policy based on the 3 Rs (reduce, recycle and reuse).

  3. We support climate change prevention strategies through environmental awareness campaigns.

  4. Our environmental models are implemented on the basis of shared responsibility with stakeholders.


Good Governance

  1. We are committed to transparent and nonfraudulent accounting and financial management.

  2. We work to implement our commitment to achieving maximum quality in our products, services and processes, while respecting social and environmental policies.

  3. We adhere to a corporate Code of Ethics based on corporate values, good governance practices, and commitment to our stakeholders.

  4. We work with suppliers who are committed to sustainability and value creation.



  1. We apply equal opportunity and diversity policies in the company workplace.

  2. We promote volunteer activities as part of the company's commitment to its principles and values.

  3. We provide social benefits to our employees, exemplified by our internal health and welfare program.

  4. We offer our employees opportunities for professional growth, personal development and job stability.