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Doctors Against Obesity

Obesity and overweight have been identified as the great epidemic of the 21st century by the World Health Organization (WHO). These two conditions affect men and women equally and also affect both adults and children alike. To combat this major epidemic, we need the medical profession and society as a whole to make a unequivocal commitment to the prevention and treatment of excess weight.

However, even today and despite clear evidence that both obesity and overweight pose real risks to health, the medical community is still struggling to fully accept the idea that doctors must take on the responsibility of diagnosing and treating the disease. The reasons for this reluctance include the following:

  • The large number of overweight and obese patients means that health care systems lack the resources they would need to manage all those in need of such medical care.

  • The medical curriculum does not include adequate training on nutrition or physical exercise.

  • Doctors lack knowledge about effective tools for the treatment of obesity and overweight in the short and long term.

Commitment to Fighting Obesity

Doctors Against Obesity is an initiative started by the PronoKal Group® Foundation to raise awareness within the medical community and the general public of the importance of diagnosing and treating excess weight.

At the PronoKal Group® we believe that the doctor’s role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of obesity is the key to success. For this reason, we work to give health professionals the most effective tools possible to help them in their task. However, before that can happen the doctor must recognise that there is a problem and make a commitment to treating it in their patients.




It was for this reason that the campaign has drawn up a Declaration to be signed by doctors committed to fighting obesity. Hundreds of doctors have already signed this declaration, which includes a series of fundamental points that highlight the areas where we can work and the ways we can join forces to fight this dangerous disease.


If you want to sign the Declaration, you can do so on our website!